Styles of dining ...

Plated 3 courses

If you require the more traditional 3 course plated service, we can tailor menus to suit your favourite flavours, styles of cooking & ingredients. This style works well for small and larger events and celebrations, especially weddings & large corporate meetings

Sharing & feasting 

If you fancy more of an informal way of dining and an atmosphere that encourages your guests to engage and share, then our feasting menus may be the perfect solution for you, we ask for your favourite food flavours and tailor your menu to your desire.

Buffet & working lunch

Hot or cold, or both,  we can provide you with a spread to remember. This style works perfectly for business lunches or evening party food. 


Canapes are a great way to start any event !  little bite sizes of flavour to get your guests in the mood. We also have a range of sweet canapes which are a nice alternative to dessert, and it keeps the party flowing...

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